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Due to popular demand, The Sleepless Reader is expanding! From now on, the Reader will feature stories about bands you hear not only on Insomnia Radio, but also In Over Your Head Radio (thanks Julien!) and The Tragically Nameless Podcast (thanks Deniz!).

Okay, I lied. It has nothing to do with popular demand. I just really love these podcasts and am thrilled at the chance to write about the wide variety of music they offer. Either way, you win. Shut up and read.


Please support my three amigos by voting for them at Podcast Alley. You can vote simply by going to each of the links below and clicking on Vote Now!
Insomnia Radio
In Over Your Head Radio
The Tragically Nameless Podcast


Blogger Deniz said...

You're gonna feature Acousticore, right?

3/10/2005 2:50 PM

Blogger Sam said...

I was going to, but when I contacted their publicist I was told that nearly the entire band had died after eating bad meat. The one surviving member is in a "home" in rural Nebraska where doctors are trying to determine if his behavior is the result of acquired brain damage or if he was simply born that way.

3/10/2005 5:05 PM


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