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Insomnia Radio - Spiraling out of control

SpiralingWell, my good friend Jason E. has outdone himself with today's release of a magnum, two-part, 110-minute-long, merlot-soaked Insomnia Radio bonanza. It was great to hear him having such a good time again. As always, the music was fantastic top to bottom. And how about that pork chop story? Riveting, huh? You simply cannot get that kind of entertainment on mainstream radio.

Seriously, best show ever, Jason. It's hard to believe you're not being paid for this stuff.

Luckily for me, Insomnia Radio #20 begins and ends with tracks by a band I have been wanting to write about for a while, and now I have a good reason to. Edition #3 of The Sleepless Reader will be devoted to Spiraling. Coming at you sometime between now and Wednesday, March 2. (For those of you placing bets, my money is on Wednesday.)

In the meantime, click on the graphic above to check out the band's website, where you can download a few of their tracks and purhase their CDs. You can also buy their Challenging Stage EP on the iTunes Music Store.


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