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Feelin' the IR love

Gidgets Ga-GaMany thanks to Jason over at Insomnia Radio for the kind words about me and the Reader in tonight's podcast. BIG congrats to him on being the first to bust out that Chance track. Chance will definitely be the subject of a future edition of the Reader, but not before I delve into the music and history of a great band from my hometown. You got a taste of Gidgets Ga-Ga on Insomnia Radio 19 (you can also find their tracks on iTunes by clicking the above ga-ga-graphic). We'll peer into the work of this Chicago band in the next installment of the The Sleepless Reader...coming to a web browser near you on Tuesday, February 22.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good music link : ) I enjoyed all the songs they had streaming from thier site .


2/17/2005 11:20 PM


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